Friedhof Nammen

Cemetery description

In the central part of the cemetery, on the right side of the main alley, there are 4 single graves of victims of World War II. Three of them contain the last remains of Polish citizens - forced labourers employed by the Todt Organisation to build underground industrial plants and anti-aircraft bunkers. The memorial plaques on the graves are hardly legible.

Address details

Cemetery address: Porta Westfalica, North Rhine-Westphalia
Nammen, Am Denkmal 1
32457 Porta Westfalica
GPS: 52.25017,8.99278

Cemetery administration:  Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Minden,,
Haus der Kirche, Rosentalstr. 6, 32423 Minden,

Photos of the cemetery
Buried persons

Fradczak Edward


Smolarek Franciszek


Szycko Józef


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